Our Story

Langhe Gourmet was founded in 1997, based upon the Bonino’s passion for good traditional Piedmont cuisine.
In 2001 the company moved from Alba, capital of white truffle and of the Langhe, to La Morra where it extended and established its laboratory until 2015. In the following year Langhe Gourmet changes its location again and moves to Carrù, the Gateway to the Hills of the Langhe, in a facility of about 1000mq, surrounded by vines and hazel groves. Carrù is the popular small town known for the centennial “Fiera Internazionale del Bue Grasso” and it’s the important centre of the Razza Bovina Piemontese “Fassona”. Langhe Gourmet is always investing to make sure the productive processes are improving keeping its main focus on selecting the best, most controlled, and most guaranteed raw materials. We’re always seeking for the best quality and taste, while using simple recipes with few ingredients.